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Learn more about Selling Tupperware and Sign Up to Sell Tupperware!Wendy Leal - Tupperware Director in Rocklin, California

Thank you for your interest in learning more about selling Tupperware!  My name is Wendy Leal and I am a Director with Tupperware located in Rocklin, California.

I have a team of women and men all over the USA that I have assisted in starting their Tupperware business and I would love to share more information about the Tupperware Business Opportunity and answer any questions that you have before you start!

Join my "Being Blessed" Tupperware Team TODAY!

To get started as a new Tupperware representative you can choose from 2 business kits. The Fall & Holiday large business kit for $125 (or $55 down) or the Holiday Hustle Kit trhat comes with a smaller selection of products for $70.

Tupperware Business Kit - Join Tupperware

Say YES Offer for New Consultants
(This is what Tupperware is offering to new consultants that join the business!)
English - Spanish

Confident Start Program Flyer
(This is what you can earn in your first 13 weeks of the business!)
English - Spanish

Tupperware Compensation Plan
English - Spanish

To join Tupperware in the USA you must:

  • Live in the USA, it's territories or have an APO address.
  • Provide a social security number.
  • Be 18 years old or over.
  • Have a credit or debit card with a Visa, MasterCard or Discover logo to join.
  • Purchase a Tupperware Business Kit.

Ways to Sell Tupperware:

  • Home Parties
  • Catalog Parties
  • Online Sales through your Tupperware website
  • Fundraising
  • Custom Kitchen Organization
  • Vendor Events and Shows

Here are some benefits of joining Tupperware:

  • Tupperware is a wonderful company with over 60 years of proven success.  People love Tupperware products and they are looking for someone in your area to service them.
  • Earn a generous 25% commission on all sales.
  • Earn a 5% bonus on personal sales over $1,500 a month - Earn a 10% bonus on personal sales of $4,000 a month! (View the compensation chart above.)
  • Build a team and you can have the opportunity to earn royalties on the efforts of you and your team.
  • As a new Tupperware business owner, through the Confident Start program, you qualify for tools to grow your business and open the doors to increased earning potential during your first 13 weeks. You can even earn an Apple iPad! (View Confident Start Flyer above.)
  • You will have the ability to receive a Tupperware website that customers can shop from!  We have different packages to choose from.
  • Receive free training - When you join our team you will be supplied with training to help you become successful.  We have webinars, conference calls, facebook pages, facebook groups, and email training as well as working with your recruiter and upline Director one-on-one's.
  • As an active sales force member you have the opportunity to purchase Tupperware products at an extra 25% - 35% discount!
  • When you join Tupperware you can get a TON of products for free! Every week Tupperware puts out challenges for you to meet and when you achieve those goals you get coupons to redeem for free products!

If the Tupperware opportunity sounds like something that would be of interest to you please click on the buttom below and fill out the form and I will contact you to answer any questions that you have and to get you signed up!


Questions?  Comments?  Contact Me!

Wendy Leal
Home Office: 916-759-3558